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Samothraki Pansion Galini


It's where famus Kaverian Mysteries used to take place in the ancienty. You will find the archaeological museum of Samothrace there and see amongst others, a copy of the famus "VICTORY" of Samothrace statue. The original statue is being exposed in the Louvre museum.

10 min. by car from Pansion Galini

Samothraki Pansion Galini

Hot Thermal Springs

The sulphide hot springs are well known since the byzantium for their healing characteristics. The healing water springs up from the underground volcano of the island.

5 min. on foot from Pansion Galini

Samothraki Pansion Galini

Fonias Canyon

The most famous of the many canyons of Samothrace, is the beautiful CANYON of "FONIAS"  which is approximately 700 meters high and ends up in the sea, near the homonymous Tower. 

* Ideal for lovers of Canyoning.

10 min. by car from Pansion Galini

Pania tis Grias

"Kremastos" is an impressive waterfall and the "PANIA TIS GRIAS" are rare geological stone creations. It's located in the South side of the island and can be reached only with a small boat which departs from Therma daily, during the summer months.

1,5h by boat from Pansion Galini

Gria Vathra Waterfalls

"GRIA VATHRA", is another small river right next to Therma. It is surrounded by supercentenarian plane trees and creates waterfalls and lakes that take the visitors breath away.

30 min. on foot from Pansion Galini

Panagia Krimniotisa Church

One of the 999 small churches of the island, maybe the most impressive one of them stands proudly on top of the beach "Pachia Ammos"

40 min. by car from Pansion Galini


Kipos Beach

Kipos beach is the largest and most remote beach of Samothraki and is located on the southeastern coast of the island overlooking Imbros. It is about 27 km from the port, Kamariotissa and 15 km from Therma.

15min by car from Pansion Galini


Pahia Ammos Beach

It is famous as the most beautiful beach of the island and is one of the few sandy beaches of Samothraki. The only sandy beach you can access by road, which is about 20 km from Kamariotissa. Its crystal clear waters and fine sand are reminiscent of cyclades. - Copyright ©

45 min. by car from Pansion Galini


Therma Beach

Just a few meters from the homonymous village is the pebbled beach Of Therma Loutra. You will meet this organized beach. It has a beachbar with many sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen. As you look from the opposite side of the sea you will have a view of the green mountain.

15min on foot from Pansion Galini

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