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⁣⁣July 25-31, 2021⁣⁣Samothraki, Greece⁣

Let’s do this...⁣ I’ve been quietly waiting and wanting to speak about the magical Manifestation of my Greece Retreat and obviously we’ve just been sitting in the deep unknown and it’s been mums the word. ⁣ AND..I feel deep in my bones that we are going to be there together in Sacred Sister Tribe workin the elemental energy TOGETHER. ⁣ We are getting ready for you, are you ready for this!? ⁣ Follow the link here...

We have limited spots for this incredible journey to the Isle of the Great Gods in Somathraki and it will fill up so please make plans to reserve your space. ⁣ It will be the wild nature and pure connection that we all need the most this year. ⁣ And, YES, we have a full refund policy up to 14 days ahead of time if anything CoVid related stops you from traveling! Please see the extended cancellation details on the website. ⁣ Can’t wait to celebrate life, heal, expand and journey with the ancient land that this potent island vortex allows us to access. ⁣ Peace, Beauties! ⁣

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